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About Me

Hello! My name is Monica. I have grown up an animal lover. I think my mother told me a million times that she felt like she lived in a pet store. Though I was truly blessed with having such a supportive mom who let me live my dream and fulfill my passion and love for all animal kind,


I  now get to share this passion with my husband Nick who also feels the same way to now raising and teaching our 2 sons (Nicholas & Cristian) the love and importance of animal care. I started 'Leash Adventures' to continue showing the love and passion I have for pets.

If your pets are anything like mine...they are your Iife.

I have been a Vet Tech for over 20 years and realized I needed something else...Increased flexibility, less stress and more enjoyment out of my life. Seeing how fast my boys are growing up, I needed to be around them more. This job allows me to do that and then some! I've done it all from working at Pet stores, to volunteering at shelters and working at animal hospitals, dog walking and pet sitting to then finishing up my employee status career at an amazing specialty hospital.


I then realized I needed to share my knowledge and  take that next step in my life. With a lot of encouragement from friends, family and mostly my husband, I decided to unleash my own pet care business...'Leash Adventures'


I am so excited about my journey and look forward to being your pets new best friend!

Leash Adventures specializes in dog walking & pet sitting care customized to you & your pets specific needs providing your pets with memorable Leash Adventures.

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